Monday, 8 January 2018

Practicing Self Care

Hello my loves, I think we all know how important self care is, we should always take time for ourselves and look after ourselves even in the simplest of ways. Today I bring you a few of my favorite ways of practicing self care and the most simple ways of looking after your body.

Drinking Water
We all know we should drink enough water, it's important for our bodies to have enough, plus we get some pretty good benefits out of it. I drink at least 2 liters of a day, my skin gets clearer the more I drink, it helps my digestive system, I get less headaches. I think you should go get yourself a glass of water and your body will thank you for it.

Take Your Medication
I personally have regular medications, vitamins and supplements I need to take, I know that these tablets are going to do my body and mind so much good by taking them. It's yet another simple way of giving your body what it needs, I take all of my tablets at night, mainly because a few of them cause drowsiness but it's very easy to remember when you keep them on your bedside.

I never listened to the doctors when they would tell me that exercise is good for you, good for the mind, good for you in general. That all changed a few weeks ago, I joined the gym and with a personal trainer.. I have been so much happier since I've been getting regular exercise. It baffles my brain that the doctors were right? Even if it's a walk or yoga or even going to the gym. Any type of exercise would really help.

Hot Drink
Most of the time when I need some time to myself to watch TV show, a movie or a video on YouTube, I always make myself a hot drink for ultimate relaxation. My preferred drink for the winter time is very simple, a mug of hot water with some lemon juice and honey. I find it's very detoxifying as well as good for battling colds.

Getting Enough Sleep
I cannot stress enough how badly sleep is important, when you're sleeping your body is in repair mode, so if you're exercising or battling the flu, your body repairs itself while you're sleeping. Generally you need to have at least 7 hours of sleep at night, thankfully I take supplements (5HTP) which means I usually get between 7-10 hours sleep on a good night. A good nights sleep really is important. 

Bubble Bath
I think bubble bath's are one of my favorite things ever, I usually put something on my laptop and move the wash bin to put my laptop on, put a candle on and lay back in a pool of bubbles. To me it's the most relaxing thing, especially because you have that moment all to yourself. Why not add a glass of your favorite drink as well?

I was never much of a reader growing up, I don't have the best attention span, but I love the feeling of getting lost into a book. I'm currently reading poetry books, which I can easily concentrate on. If you're like me, audio books are amazing if you want to get lost in a book but get distracted easily. I love listening to audio books while I'm working.

What do you do when you're practicing self care?

Lots of love,

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