Monday, 15 January 2018

What's In My Make Up Bag?

Hello my loves, today I thought I'd let you take a peek into my make up bag and what I'm wearing on a day to day basis. I wear mostly minimal make up at the moment, which also means I'm saving money on make up (always a bonus), but I'm really happy with how my make up looks using just these 6 products.

YSL All Hours Foundation
I have never been able to find a drugstore foundation that matches my skin tone, stays on all day and covers any blemishes or spots that I have which is why I've mostly bought high end foundations. I heard so much about this YSL foundation online that I decided to give it a go, I picked up a sample from town and I think this is my 3rd bottle so far. It gives me the perfect dewy but matte base which I personally love.

The Body Shop Face Contouring Palette
This is probably one of my favorite face palette's I've ever owned, I like to mix the contour and bronzing shades together to make the perfect shade. The highlighter is a very subtle glow which I love for an every day base. I don't really use the blush that often, but it's a very shimmery pink shade.

Rimmel Brow This Way
This is definitely my oldest favorite, I've used the brow this way palette for as long as I can remember, espicially when I can't justify paying more than £5 on a brow product. I don't use the powder, only the pomade side, but it still lasts for the longest time.

Ted Baker Eye Shadow Palette
My Godmother for Christmas bought me a Ted Baker Make up set, safe to say that I've used something out of it every time I've done my make up since. I love the simplistic look you can create with this little palette, a slight sheen of pink and a little shadow in the crease. Definitely my go to day to day look.

Ted Baker Eyelash Curler
I've had the same eyelash curler for maybe 5 years which is so bad, I was looking for a new one and there just happened to be one in the Ted Baker Make up set, I was actually shocked at how good it was? My eyelashes actually stay curled for a long time and they look amazing paired with the mascara.

Ted Baker Mascara
I've really gone off the clumpy lashes look that I used to love, I've been trying to find a nice mascara that lengthens and coats my lashes without layers and layers. I tried this mascara Christmas Day and I was so shocked at how nice it was, it perfectly lengthens and separates my lashes without looking like I've got tones of mascara on or fake eyelashes. It's become my favorite mascara without a doubt.

What's currently in your make up bag?

Lots of love,

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